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Archive : February 2011

Infant milk formula and enamel fluorosis

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

The American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs (CSA) just released a report in the Journal of the American Dental Association on potential associations between reconstituted infant formula and enamel fluorosis. The CSA convened a panel of experts to address the following question: “Is consumption of infant formula reconstituted with water that contains various […]

Happy people

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

This page is intended for the parents who come with their child at the numerous regular appointments required during an orthodontic treatment. I agree that it is not easy to reconcile work with school and orthodontic appointments in a world where everyone has their own schedule. My team and I always witness the joy, happiness […]

Class II division 2

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Click on the orange title to see the complete case. Here is a Class II division 2 case. We observe a backward shift of the lower dentition (red arrows). On the right, we observe a posterior crossbite of the first molars (green circle). The disposition of the 4 upper incisors is typical and pathognomonic of […]


Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Lingual systems The Incognito™ brackets are a system of brackets bonded to the back side of the teeth, to the lingual side. They are thus invisible from the outside. The manufacturing process is complex and necessitates additional steps, because each bracket is tailored and casted individually for each tooth. Manufacturing costs are substantial, even more […]