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Archive : February 2012

Class II malocclusion

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Class II malocclusions are divided into 2 categories: class II division 1: see description and definition further down this page class II division 2: see description and definition by clicking on the tab of the subpage.   Class II division 1 A class II intermaxillary dental relationship represents a posterior discrepancy of the lower teeth […]

Class I malocclusion

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

The term malocclusion refers to a bad relationship or a bad position of the teeth compared with a normal dentition. Several forms of malocclusion exist just like we could say that many different faces exist. It is then important to group these deviations from a normal dentition by their characteristics. The terms “class I”, “class […]

Normal dentition

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

  A normal dentition is characterized by an ideal alignment of the upper and lower teeth and by an intermaxillary relationship (between both jaws) showing neither anterior-posterior nor transverse discrepancies. The upper canine is aligned with the embrasure between the lower canine and the lower first molar (blue arrows). The first corner (mesiobuccal cusp) of […]