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Archive : November 2012

Grillz (decorative dental prosthesis made of gold)

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Grillz The grillz is a decorative dental prosthesis in fashion since the return of bling-bling. The prosthesis is generally made of precious metals (gold or silver) and sometimes or often jewel-encrusted. The term bling-bling is issued from hip-hop jargon and designates some rappers‘ jewels and get-up. I thus learned that the rapper Paul Wall played […]


Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Self-ligating lingual bracket Here is a new lingual bracket developed by Dr Patrick Curiel and commercialized by American Orthodontics. Benefits of HARMONY compared to competitors’ systems (Incognito™) are the reduced chair time when changing orthodontic archwires and a more reliable and stable fixation of the orthodontic archwire in the bracket slot. Because of the horizontal […]

Wisdom teeth

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Introduction Third molars are commonly called wisdom teeth because they erupt in the mouth around 16-18 years of age. They are the last teeth to erupt and the available space to accommodate them is often limited. It is thus not surprising that these teeth can either not erupt completely, or not erupt at all. Thus, […]