Cases treated

Class II division 1, orthosurgery

Comprehensive treatment with fixed appliances in both arches in a patient of 55 years and 5 months of age. To obtain dental symmetry and to fix the residual crowding, we extracted 2 teeth. A bilateral sagittal split osteotomy for mandibular advancement surgery allowed the correction of the anterior-posterior discrepancy between the upper and lower teeth.

This patient’s testimony is posted at this link (in French).

Class I, ectopic premolar and canine

Class I, treatment without extraction.

Class II division 1, treated with Forsus™ class II correctors and SPEED™ brackets

Class II division 1. Prominent teeth, impacted upper canine on the left, case treated in 28 months.

Class I dentoalveolar protrusion

Class I, severe arch length deficiency. Treatment with fixed appliances in both arches and extraction of premolars.

Class I upper interincisive diastema

Class I. Excess of space, interincisive diastema.

Class I, severe lack of space

Class I. Comprehensive treatment with extraction of 4 premolars.

Adult, Class I bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion

Comprehensive treatment with 4 premolars extraction.

Class II division 1

Class II division 1, impacted upper right canine. Comprehensive treatment including extraction of 4 premolars, surgical ligature and orthodontic traction of the canine.

Class I, anterior and posterior crossbite

Class I. Comprehensive orthodontic treatment with rapid palatal expansion and with fixed appliances in both arches. No extractions were required.

Class I, lack of space and anterior crossbite

Class I, anterior and posterior crossbite on the left side. Congenital absence of the lower right second premolar. Retention of the lower right primary second molar.

The treatment included a rapid palatal expansion phase, the extraction of the upper right second premolar, of the upper left first premolar and of the lower right primary second molar. There were no extractions of premolars on the lower left side.