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Why wear braces?

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

  • To correct irregular teeth.
  • To close excess spaces between teeth.
  • To correct teeth that are too procumbent.
  • To correct a bad alignment between the upper and lower teeth.
  • To correct my blocked out tooth into a normal alignment.
  • To facilitate eruption of an impacted tooth.
  • To correct a smile that you do not like.
  • To have straight teeth.

Contact us

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Sylvain Chamberland Orthodontiste Quebec from Dr Sylvain Chamberland       .   . .         Dr S. Chamberland, Orthodontiste 10345, boul. de l’Ormière Neufchâtel (Québec) 1-418-847-1115 G2B 3L2 Agrandir le plan   . Clinique satellite de St-Georges 140, 123e rue Saint-Georges (Québec) 1-888-847-1115 G5Y 2Z1


Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

A special dimension of dental art Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dentofacial anomalies. Every specialist in orthodontics is a dentist at first. A four-year undergraduate program allows someone to obtain the D.M.D. title (Doctor of Dental Medicine) which leads to the practice of general dentistry. Specializing […]

Visit our orthodontic clinic

Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Waiting room and Radiographic room Orthodontic treatment room Treating patients


Auteur : Dr Sylvain Chamberland, Orthodontist,

Growth of our practice depends, among others, on references from our patients, acquaintances and professional colleagues. Do not hesitate to recommend us to your parents and friends if you are satisfied with our services. The Canadian Association of Orthodontists (CAO) and the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommend a first orthodontic consultation as early as […]