Commentary of patients in treatment

SARPE, how is it going in hospital?

SARPE surgery 24 September 2010 As I told you, I am extremely satisfied with the work that you have done. Everything is clear and I think that I will not regret starting this treatment. I had been seriously thinking about it for several years and I w [...]

Maxillomandibular advancement to cure sleep apnea syndrome

27 December 2010 I introduce you to Émile, 48 years old. Émile is suffering from severe sleep apnea. He had from 45 to 48 respiratory stops (pauses) per hour. He has been looking for a solution for his sleep apnea problem for almost 10 years already. [...]

Lucie’s testimonial about her orthodontic treatment and her bimaxillary surgery

Bimaxillary surgery   Le Fort 1, BSSO and genioplasty This is the photos of Lucie’s profile initial and final post orthosurgery. Inital profile pretreatent  and final post treatment orthosurgery that consited of impaction Le Fort 1, bilate [...]

Mandibular advancement surgery

Mandibular advancement Bilateral sagittal split osteotomy Profiles photos initial et final Initial and final profile after  orthosurgery treatment with mandibular advancement Intraorals photos intraorales initial and final Clas II division 1. Orthosu [...]