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It may come by itself but it may take 6 to 12 months. You can send the panogram via my professional facebook page.
Mild-moderate crowding, strong chin, deep labiomental angle, both lips behind e-line

CHances are that extraction of 1st premolar in a mild to moderate crowding situation may cause some retraction of the lips, hence increasing the apparence of a strong chin.
Moreover, you said you have a squarish face, this likely mean low mandibular plane angle. You have a deep bite + deep curve of spee. It may be very difficult to open the bite with extractions.
What was the reason to not trye a non extraction approach?
Karla say :
Hello! I just got my braces on three days ago because I have an impacted canine .. my baby canine is going to be extracted next Tuesday and then I hope the permanent canine will come down by itself.. I am 15 years old and I was wondering what you think how long that process might take?
Is there a chance I could send you the x ray where you can see my impacted canine?
Kyla say :
My Situation:
class 2 division 1, mild-moderate crowding on both arch, 5mm overjet, retroclined lower incisors, deep curve of spee, deep bite. both lips behind e-line, strong Chin, acute nasiolabial angle and labiomental angle.
Treatment: 4 first premolar extraction to relieve crowding. Space closure by moving upper incisors into extraction space and lower posterior teeth forward.
Upper lip should move in abit and improve the nasiolabial angle, and lower lip should not move in.
My concern is that I’m a few months into alignment, and the lower incisors seems to be retroclining more, and curve of spee getting deeper. I’m concerned about dished in lower lips.
I’m 20 years old and I suppose I’m non-growing? So Was wondering about the effects of class 2 elastics on people of my age group with regards to my aforementioned concern. would the elastic be able to move the lower incisors out and the lower lips out abit, improve lip support and increase labiomental angle? Or does it only work to bring the upper teeth in?
Also i have a square-ish face, and I heard class 2 elastics could cause backward jaw rotation/increase angle of mandible/increase anterior face height and decrease ramps height, and make the face more v-shaped? But is these only in growing patients?
Thank you!
ABS say :
Many diseases of the oral cavity can't be seen when the dentist examines your mouth. Dental x-rays are images that can help the dentist see things the human eye can't detect, such as tiny areas of decay between the teeth and the position of unerupted teeth in children and adults.
Il faaut déterminer l’état de votre condyle gauche, mais il est vraisemblable qu’une chirurgie orthognathique soit le meilleur traitement pour votre cas.
The way I understand the description of your malocclusion, you will likely benefit from extraction of premolars, reduction of the dentoalveolar protrusion and orthognatic surgery that would include Le Fort 1 for superior repositionning of the maxilla, BSSO, and a genioplasty.
I recommend 100% space closure.
I would like to know if it was an oral surgeon who tried the extraction. It is very unusual.
I would wait to get the 1st molar in. i would not rely on deciduous molar that are necrotic and mobile. But yes i did PFM in youger patient on their deciduous second molar.
I hope that help
Hi Dr. Chamberland

My patient is a boy 8 yrs old, with maxillary retrognathi, crossbite anterior teeth and posterior teeth. His permanent first molar is not full erupted yet and dm2 has necrotic and mobile also. I'm planning to use PFM.
What is your suggestion about type of RME and hook for PFM for this case? Should I wait until the maxillary permanent molar full erupt, so I can put the molar band on it.
I'm looking forward hearing from you
Thank you Doctor.