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Keep in mind that there is no appliances, muscles exercices, speech exercises, chewing exercices that can grow mandible. This is pure quackery and snake oil.
I would follow the recommendation of your maxillofacial specialist.
Chances are it would have been a better decision to extract 4 premolars (the 1st or the 2nd) to reduce your bimax protrusion rather than extracting the 4 second molars hoping it will favour eruption of the 3rd molars. It occurs oftent that a bimax prothusion get 4 premolars extracted at the start of treatment and 4 3rd molar extracted at the end ot the treatment.

If you feel that your teeth are sticking out, that you have difficulty to close your lips, it is still time to extract 4 premolars. I can't tell if it would be preferable to remove the 1st or the 2nd without seeing you.
A non estraction innvisalign will not help.
I thinks braces and extraction may likely be the best solution for you.
Many orthodontist will not try to a mandibular impacted canine into occlusion. It takes times and it may be difficult mechanically. It is also possible that the canine position that it may not be possible to manage a forced eruption.You can send the panogram via my professional FB page facebook.com/drsylchamberland
Good afternoon Dr Sylvain

I really need your help and your advise for my 11 years old daughter who have an impacted lower canine laying horizontal under middle teeth. Plus the top center tooth issue that did not fall yet.
I went 4 doctors in Dubai - UAE and they told me that the lower impacted canine must extracted asap :’(
Please provide me with your email to send you my daughters recent Xray, as i am really concerned :(
Hi Dr. Sylvain,

I am 24 year old female in Ontario.
Back in highschool, I sought treatment for what I think is bimaxillary portrusion (my lips don’t close at rest & my front and lower teeth stick out). They took x-rays and eventually, my dentist had my four 2nd molars extracted in order to have my 4 wisdom teeth grow in naturally. It was after the extraction of the four 2nd molars (backmost teeth), that I got my braces put on. I had them on for about 2 years, but still noticed my teeth were sticking out, and my lips still don’t close at rest after they were taken off.

My teeth apparently have Class 1 alignment or something like that, but I can’t help but be unsatisfied about the overall aesthetic look of my teeth and mouth area of my face as it still portrudes.

I was wondering if the best approach would be the extraction of the 2nd premolars/braces again or if no extraction/Invisalign would work, as I would rather not get braces again, at my age especially.
Would pictures help demonstrate my situation?

Best Regards,
This information on your website regarding stimulating lower jaw growth in adolescents is very interesting to me. My daughter will be 14 in December. She is missing half of her permanent teeth. She has reduced upper and lower jaw growth. We have consulted several specialists over the past years including a maxillofacial specialist who states she could have lower jaw surgery sometime after the age of 16. I want to make sure we are doing everything we can to stimulate jaw growth while she is younger. One orthodontist mentioned placing braces that will then cause ‘mini’ breaks in the jaw that encourage bone growth. I am a Speech Pathologist and work with patients on feeding and speech exercise including jaw strength and other areas and am curious if chewing exercises can stimulate more growth (see also Diane Bahr, SLP or Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, SLP websites and info.). I have read articles regarding stimulating jaw growth with devices such as a Crozat, MARA, Herbst, headgear, etc. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
It will depends on the ability of your orthodontist, but such case usually adult case take 24-30 months in general.
Prabodh say :
How long will it take to treat bimaxillary protrusion given that the patient has front teeth vertical (not flared) and normal occlusion?
He probaly took a panoramic xray and there was no tooth buds of the wisdom teeth.