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The comments

Ceren say :
Thank you so much.
Yes you may try orthodotnic traction and reassess if it fail to move. I don't know the severity of impaction and 25 years is a little bit old.
If it go well, it take 1 year minimum. just to bring the canine ine, then another year to finish the treatment.
If you have protrusion of your lips and dentition, chances are that you may need extraction of 4 premolars. What is the problem with your father?
Yes it could be possible to get surgery without braces if your teeth are aligned witht he previous treatment.
The faith of the canine should have been decide before initiating the orthodontic treatment. The fact that the canine was high doe not mean it is not possible to bring it into occlusion. However, there was a risk that it could be ankyloses or become ankylose during treatment.
At this stage, I can't recommend to change the treatment plan, therefore, you should procedd to extract the impacted canine and then close the space. I WOULD NOT try to close the space if the canine are still impacted.
Dental age, skeletal age and chronological age are often not in sync. Girls have often a year or two in advance in their dentition compared to boys. I hope that help.

Retained primary canine

Without any hesitation, you should extract both primary canines (marked with X). The upper right canine will erupt soon in the space. The left canine will need surgical exposure and orthodontic traction.

The gap created in the mean time is a minor issue that will be solved by the orthodontic treatment.
The key question would be if the upper dental midline is coincident to the facial midline.
Yes you may need protraction of all posterior teeth on that side and it may take more than 6 months.
Dami say :
Hello Dr I had my one of my canine’s removed on my left side when I was 11 and I got braces when I was 15 and I have a gap between my lateral incisor and my first premolar. Now a year later my orthodontist finally put a spring between the second premolar and the first premolar to try to push the first premolar to the lateral incisor. But I’m wondering won’t that just make a space between the molars and if so will they push those together and therefore have to push all the teeth on my upper jaw to the right to close the gap. I’ve had these braces for a year how much longer do you think I’m going to have them on for. Do you think I’d be likely to get them off in the next 6 months