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The comments

It will depends on the ability of your orthodontist, but such case usually adult case take 24-30 months in general.
Prabodh say :
How long will it take to treat bimaxillary protrusion given that the patient has front teeth vertical (not flared) and normal occlusion?
He probaly took a panoramic xray and there was no tooth buds of the wisdom teeth.
If you can't do orthodontic treatment and want to do something that will favour canine erution, You MUST remove the primary canine ASAP.
I would place a lower lingual arch to maintain arch space and make annual recall. I would not do comprehensive interceptive treatment at this age.

See example below:
Bringing an impacted canine into occlusion takes time. It is not a reason to not try. Rome was not built in one day.
It will be worth the effort to get your canine in occlusion.
Jasmine say :
I have two gold teeth. They are on the left and right side of my two front teeth. Can I get braces or Invisalign’s over them???
I was told today that my daughter wouldn't have wisdom teeth. How does the dentist know?