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Sorry for the late reply. I use one 8oz elastic per side. That make 2 elastic total. however, you can use higher fore or 2 leastic per side if the patient can tolerate. But it is rare that I increase the force with PFM.
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SI vous avez une protrusion dentoalvéolaire bimaxillaire, et que votre dentition et vos lèvres sont proéminentes, je n'aurais aucun problème à procéder à des extractions et rétracter votre dentition.
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Diambote dit :
Je suis actuellement un traitement orthodontique avec des bagues, cependant j’ai une protrusion bi maxillaire et tous les orthodontistes que j’ai consulté refusent l’extraction pour mon cas car selon eux il y’a un risque avec ma boîte à langue.
Qu’avec l’extraction ma langue n’ait plus de place, donc en ce moment mon traitement ne sert qu’à refermer les espaces entres mes dents et je pense que cela ne permettra pas de reculer l’arch dentaire afin d’avoir « un bon profil »
An extraoral force is applied through two (2) 8-oz elastics attached to hooks mounted on a fixed intraoral appliance (the most often a palatal expander) toward an adjustable bar attached to the vertical framework

**Do you mean 2/side or 1/side??** I have always applied two/ side and am wondering if that is too much force? thanks!!

- Ari Pillar (orthodontist in New York) :)
I recommend that you consult a certified orthodontist in your area. If you want to travel to Quebec, for a consultation, I would be able to provide an opinion. After, I can help you find an orthodontist in your area.
Hi Dr. Chamberland,

I am not sure if this post is still active. but what are the first steps necessary to start the treatment of a facial asymmetry? Who should I consult first? I believe I have a hemimandibular hyperplasia that started on my adolescence and now has stopped on my 30s. My TMJ clicks on the larger side of my jaw, I feel pain if I press on the area just in front of my ears and I have a deviation of my face to the unaffected- side. One side of my face looks thin and proportional and the other more curved, with more tissue making my appearance disproportional. I am not sure where to start and who I should look to begin a treatment plan. I currently live in Montreal and I would be grateful if you can help me with this. Thanks for your time!
Merci Dr Foley for your kind words.
I went at Western for a lecture in 2018. My friend Marck Pus was attending the seminar. It was the year the Mustang competed against the Rouge et or for the Vanier cup.
Having said that I am available for a zoom lecture to your graduate student. By the way, I will do a lecture about MARPE in june for the graduate student of University of Missouri, Kansas city. The graduate student of U. Mtl asked to attend. You are welcome. If so, I will tell to Dr Jean-Marc Retrouvey that you are interested. The date is to be confirmed. It will be likely June 11 or 18.
I overcorrect. Then I follow up until phase 2 tx. Before initiating phase two, I validate a check list as recommended by Dr David Musich.
Checklist at phase II for class III patients