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The comments

I might be too late to reply, but why extract one canine and nont the other. What will happen if only one permanent tooth is extracted?
I am skeptical. At 8 years old, it might be to young to diagnose impacted canine,but not too young to diagnose lack of space and recommend serial extraction.
If ther is lack of space enough then extraction can be indicated. Later, extraction of the 1st primary molar can be indicated follwed by extraction of permanent premolars.
I don’t know what would be best for your son, becaus I did not see him. Yes you can send the panogram at the above email.
Anna dit :
Hi. I do not know if you still respond to these comments but I hope to hear from you.
My son is 8 years old and he has very crowded teeth and has a little bit of overbite.
I talked with 2 orthodontists and they have different opinions.
One of them suggested expanders for upper and lower jaw if I did not the extraction of adult teeth later. He did not mention anything about the extraction. I am concerned if extraction itself is enough and the expanders can wait or unnecessary. His lower jaw is receding in my opinion and do you think the expanders will help his lower jaw grow?
The other doctor recommended to extract 4 of baby canines asap to prevent impacted teeth, come back in 10 months and take CBCT. I am afraid if it will be too late after we wait 10 months and he will have no space for permanent canines(I was told there will be no space maintainer) because I think once baby canines are extracted crowded front teeth will take their place to align themselves.
Which plan do you think is better?
Is it ok if I send his x-ray to orthochamberland@videotron.ca

Thank you
T. Kuhn dit :
Dear Dr. Chamberland,

Our 12-year old daughter does also have two impacted upper canines.
One of them is going to be extracted.
I've sent you some x-rays to drsylchamberland@videotron.ca

It would be very nice if you could have a brief look at it!
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
T. Kuhn
Sorry for the late reply. I use one 8oz elastic per side. That make 2 elastic total. however, you can use higher fore or 2 leastic per side if the patient can tolerate. But it is rare that I increase the force with PFM.
Voici un autre exemple:
SI vous avez une protrusion dentoalvéolaire bimaxillaire, et que votre dentition et vos lèvres sont proéminentes, je n'aurais aucun problème à procéder à des extractions et rétracter votre dentition.
Voici un exemple sur ce lien:
Diambote dit :
Je suis actuellement un traitement orthodontique avec des bagues, cependant j’ai une protrusion bi maxillaire et tous les orthodontistes que j’ai consulté refusent l’extraction pour mon cas car selon eux il y’a un risque avec ma boîte à langue.
Qu’avec l’extraction ma langue n’ait plus de place, donc en ce moment mon traitement ne sert qu’à refermer les espaces entres mes dents et je pense que cela ne permettra pas de reculer l’arch dentaire afin d’avoir « un bon profil »
An extraoral force is applied through two (2) 8-oz elastics attached to hooks mounted on a fixed intraoral appliance (the most often a palatal expander) toward an adjustable bar attached to the vertical framework

**Do you mean 2/side or 1/side??** I have always applied two/ side and am wondering if that is too much force? thanks!!

- Ari Pillar (orthodontist in New York) :)
I recommend that you consult a certified orthodontist in your area. If you want to travel to Quebec, for a consultation, I would be able to provide an opinion. After, I can help you find an orthodontist in your area.