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Functional genioplasty, bone reshaping, keratinized gingiva

Effect of functional advancement and vertical reduction genioplasty on buccal mucogingival health of lower anterior teeth.Bone apposition above the bony segment preserves the buccal mucogingival architecture of the lower incisors. [...]

Tips and tricks

1-Torque correction of a canine with a torque auxiliary.2- Inclusion of a 2nd lower molar distal to the 1st molar. [...]

Tips and tricks

How to effectively and efficiently correct two rotated adjacent teeth. [...]

Genioplasty: bone reshaping and aesthetic change

Buccal bone apposition of lower incisors after functional advancement and vertical reduction genioplasty. Note the quantity and quality of bone 5 months after surgery. The patient was 15 years 1 month old at the time of surgery. [...]

Tip Back Mechanism

Segmented arch mechanics to level a curve of spee, avoid lower incisor proclination, decrease a deep overbite. [...]

AAO Congress 2019

2 conferences on the AAO program in Los Angeles in 2019. Presurgical Orthodotnic Preparation for an Optimal OutcomeProgressive Condylar resorption [...]

Ankylosis and #55 inclusion

Primary tooth #55 ankylosed and submerged subgingly.Extraction of primary tooth #55 and placement of a Nance-type retainer with unilaterally activated slide.Progress at 7 and 19 months post-extraction.Presence of 2nd premolar in mouth [...]

Orthosurgical treatment

Patient aged 15 years 6 months.Congenital absence of upper lateral incisors and 3 lower incisors.The treatment plan included decompensation of the lower incisors (buccoversion) and closure of excess upper space.Note that we did not plan to add impla [...]

Eulogy: In memory of William Robert Proffit

I was privileged to receive a request from the editor of the journal Orthodontie Française to write an “In Mémorian” article.Thanks to Dr Thierry De Coster and Karine Sifany.Here’s the link: [...]

Symphyseal mandibular distraction

Mandibular Symphyseal DistractionThis patient has a left-sided oral crossbite (scissor bite or telescopic occlusion). The right lower 1st premolar is absent and the lower anterior teeth have migrated distally. An underlying condition of generalized [...]