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Question :

Question from Miss Forgues:

Hello Dr Chamberland

I would like to have your opinion on white braces.

I read on the site that these offered an accelerated treatment and that they were also less expensive……………

If you have the time to look at what this site talks about: first paragraph A- Accelerated treatment.

This office is located in Châteauguay.

Thank you

Réponse :

I went to see the site that you make a reference to.
We have to know how to read between the lines to decode their message.
Thus, I quote their text:

Accelerated orthodontic treatment aims to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your smile by quickly and efficiently straightening the most visible teeth. The major advantage of this option is the shortened duration of treatment, (usually an astounding 6 months or less!) The compromised treatment does not aim to correct any underlying malocclusion or functional problems.
If you want to have straight and white teeth quickly, but do not want a complete treatment, accelerated treatment is your best choice.


You will understand that an accelerated treatment does not mean that teeth will move faster, but instead, you WILL NOT HAVE a complete treatment. This is why it is accelerated.
In other words, it is finished prematurely.

He clearly says that he only aligns the 6 front teeth…


Forget stability, improvement of dental function and quality occlusion.

It seems like quick and cheap is his motto.

Less treatment time, just the 6 front teeth (the “six social ones”), it is easy to say that it costs less.


My father always used to tell me: “If you do not pay much, but it is not good, it is still too expensive.” My father would have been 92 years old this month. He was a very wise man.


Moreover, I bring to your attention that this dentist is not an orthodontist who followed a known specialty program. He took courses during weekends over a 2 to 3-year period. This has nothing to do with a real specialist in orthodontics who must follow a 3-year second-cycle program.

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