Asymmetry of the masseter muscles

Question :

Hello, I suffer from a quite pronounced asymmetry of the masseter muscles and I would like to know the techniques to correct that.

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Réponse :

Facial asymmetry

Generally, if you perceive that your face is asymmetric, a “quite pronounced asymmetry” as you say, the masseter muscles are not the only asymmetric structures.

The problem is more accurately skeletal and you possibly suffer from hemimandibular hyperplasia causing a facial asymmetry and deviation of the chin.

Facial asymmetry to the left right hypercondylia-Dr Chamberland orthodontist in Quebec City

In this example, we can indeed pretend that the right masseter muscle is bigger than the one on the left side and it is true. However, notice how the chin deviates to the left (green arrow). This patient, whom I treated when he was 14 years old and who showed a perfect symmetry at that time, came back to see me at 29 years of age. He believed that his teeth had moved. In fact, hypergrowth of the right temporomandibular joint occurred, which caused the visible asymmetry.

The analysis of X-rays confirmed the presence of a bigger right condyle compared to the left one. The patient was referred to an oral surgeon and he underwent a bone scan (scintigraphy) to determine if growth was still occurring. The result came back negative, the patient was reassured and did not start any treatment. He could very well live with his condition.

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