Lack of space for canines

Question :

My daughter is 9 years old and only 2 deciduous teeth are still present in the lower jaw. However, in the upper jaw, 1 canine on each side are blocked and do not have much space.

Do we need to extract them for them to erupt?

Thank you

Réponse :

Usually, the shedding of primary teeth in both jaws is coordinated.

Generally, the order in which primary teeth exfoliate or in which permanent teeth erupt is the following:

1- Lower central incisors

2- Upper central incisors

3- Lower lateral incisors

4- Upper lateral incisors

5- Lower canines

6- Lower first premolars

7- Upper first premolars

8- Upper second premolars

9- Upper canines

10- Lower second premolars

The order in which teeth erupt is however more variable from item 6 to 10 and not all individuals are similar. Consult the dental age page. You will find a more detailed Keynote.

At 9 years of age, girls sometimes show a more advanced dental age and only the exfoliation of primary canines remains. I cannot make any recommendation regarding extraction without having seen any X-ray beforehand and without having seen your daughter in consultation.

I recommend that you consult an orthodontist.

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