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Question :

Hello 🙂

I underwent an Invisalign® treatment for 2 years.

At first, I was promised that if the result were not as successful as expected, it would be possible to redo the procedure 3 additional times, but I was reassured that this never happens.

In all, I received perhaps15 additional aligners and I thought they were useless, because I informed her that I was not feeling any pressure on the teeth to move. She told me that it was normal and not to worry about it… The final result is worse than when I was halfway through the treatment…

Mostly, I was not asked if I were satisfied and my final retainers to wear at night were ordered. When I told her that I was not happy with the result, she told me that the treatment was finished and she left the room without further explanation, nor even asking me why I was unsatisfied (I imagine the reason why is that she is aware of the result).

I would like to know if I have possible recourses with Invisalign® or with the clinic if I followed the treatment religiously and the result is not the one intended.

I did not have any complications, there are only more aligners required to move what was left to do… Thank you!

Réponse :

I cannot pass judgement on the treatment that you received. A 2-year treatment with Invisalign® aligners is already a long treatment, because about 50 aligners are necessary. You received a revision with 15 new aligners, which means 30 additional weeks.

This indicates me that your treatment was rather difficult at first. This indicates me that the Invisalign® aligners may not have been the method of treatment that best suited your situation.

I also question your dental health care provider. Was she a certified orthodontist?

Had the objectives of the treatment been clearly defined?

I recommend you to talk again to the one who treated you and if you are not satisfied with her answer, you can consult a certified orthodontist.

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