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Unfinished Invisalign® treatment

Hello 🙂 I underwent an Invisalign® treatment for 2 years. At first, I was promised that if the result were not as successful as expected, it would be possible to redo the procedure 3 additional times, but I was reassured that this never happens. In all, I received perhaps15 additional aligners and I thought they […]

Facial Asymmetry, Class II subdivision, TMJ Clicking

Dear Dr Chamberland, First off, thank you in advance for taking the time to look over my email. I hope you don’t mind my correspondence in English. I am sincerely hoping you might be able to help me with my case as you seem to be an expert in TMJ and facial asymmetry and I’m […]

Botulinum toxin (Botox®)

Hello, I am 35 years old and I had to have Botox® injections following masseter muscle hypertrophy that appeared at the end of 2013, but the results obtained are not convincing. I would like to know if it is possible to undergo a surgery to fix this problem in order for me to get my […]

Postoperative swelling

Hello, I would like to get information on postoperative swelling. I underwent a bimaxillary surgery (impaction + Le Fort I in the upper jaw, Epker osteotomy in the lower jaw and genioplasty) on September 9. Today at D+11, the swelling on my cheeks and around the Epker osteotomy has pretty much disappeared. I still cannot […]

Orthodontic camouflage versus orthognathic surgery

Hello, I underwent an orthodontic treatment, including braces, 4 years ago. I underwent a palatal expansion in my upper jaw and 4 teeth were extracted since I did not have enough space to accommodate them. I was treated for a severe anterior open bite + mandibular retrogenia. A surgery was strongly recommended to me, but […]

At what age a canine would be considered impacted?

Unerupted canine at 7 years old? Hello My daughter has an impacted canine and the orthodontic dr said that we rather not touch it and leave it like that. She said it is too close to the nose and a very delicate surgery. Of course i rather not have surgery for my 7 years old […]

Corticotomy and rapid orthodontics

Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics treatment and corticotomy Hello doctor Chamberland, I would like to undergo a rapid orthodontic treatment and my orthodontist is proposing an orthodontic treatment with corticotomy. I would like to get your opinion on corticotomy: Is it a safe technique? Is remission good and does the bone become completely normal and viable […]

Thumb grid / Thumb sucking

Hello, My 7-year-old son sucks his thumb at night since he is very little and he does not seem to be able to get rid of this bad habit. Both permanent upper incisors have erupted and they are moving forward. My son is even starting to have a little bit of a hard time closing […]

Molar incisor hypomineralization

Hello, My 10-year-old daughter’s last 4 molars present a decalcification problem. One is particularly severely affected. This tooth has cavities all the time. Fillings are performed, and another cavity appears a few months later. Last time, it was impossible to fix it because my daughter did not become numb. The dentist tried to inject the […]

Dental mutilation and bite collapse

Hello, my last lower left molar is collapsing (and my jaw bone as well for that matter), as well as the upper left molar that is right above and goes down further more. Can you tell me why and would there be any solution to upright these two molars? I am worried, because my jaw […]

Esthetic effect of a genioplasty

Hello Doctor, I approach you because I wish to undergo a genioplasty. I am a 22-year-old young girl. My jaw is quite narrow (I had to undergo an orthodontic treatment with extractions at 12 years of age, which did not fix anything, but I was too young to be fully aware of what was happening […]

Confusion in the treatment

Hello Doctor, My son is 13 years old. In 2008, he was diagnosed with maxillary endognathia. In July 2012, he started a treatment with the installation of Damon® brackets. In March 2013, he underwent a surgical procedure to expose the crowns of the impacted canines. Followed by the treatment with Damon® brackets. On October 20, […]

Retained Baby Tooth and Impacted Canine

Hey, the last question I asked was incomplete so I am re-sending the question that was intended. I am a 19-year-old man, I have had an impacted canine for a few years. My adult tooth lays in the top of my gums really far up there. My baby tooth is still present. Is there anything […]

I have a mandibular laterodeviation

Hello, So I am a 19-year-old young girl and I have a mandibular laterodeviation. Frankly, I’m telling you that it really bothers me since it is very visible. So my question is: can this deviation worsen with time and is esthetic surgery the only solution to have a symmetrical face? Thank you for taking the […]

Asymmetry of the masseter muscles

Hello, I suffer from a quite pronounced asymmetry of the masseter muscles and I would like to know the techniques to correct that. Thank you for giving attention to my question. Sincerely,

Crowded front teeth

My two front teeth are crowded and frankly, at my age, I would like to avoid having to wear a dental appliance. Not only is it hideous, it is still long. What solution can you recommend?

Lack of space for canines

My daughter is 9 years old and only 2 deciduous teeth are still present in the lower jaw. However, in the upper jaw, 1 canine on each side are blocked and do not have much space. Do we need to extract them for them to erupt? Thank you

Extraction of the first molars and skeletal open bite

Hello Doctor, Can the extraction of first molars or second premolars make it possible to avoid a surgery in the case where a skeletal open bite is present?

Maxillary movement after SARPE

Hello and thank you for your very rich site. I just underwent a SARPE and after 24 hours, my upper maxilla is moving a lot vertically. There was a transversal movement with a crack that is already visible, but this movement (both hemimaxillas and the teeth move about 5 mm when I talk) does not […]

Damon® Clear™ and tooth wear

Hello, your site is rich in information. I have a question regarding the Damon® Clear™ brackets. Is it possible to have them in the mandible?

Website blog

Hi Sylvain, My name is Al Bishop and I am a practicing orthodontist in Vail, Colorado. I love your blog and I would like to ask your permission to show some of your protraction face mask pictures to my patients. This is not for commercial use, only to help my personal patients understand the process. […]

More advanced lower teeth

Hello, My problem is that my lower teeth are more advanced compared to the upper ones! I was wondering which appliance you would recommend. And how much does it cost approximately?

Financing plan-orthodontic treatment


Hello Dr Chamberland, Do you have any financing plans? If yes, could you please tell me a little bit more about the possible options that you offer? Thank you very much and have a nice day! Jessie.

Anchorage miniscrews_case report

Hello, Your forum is very interesting and I learn a lot. I am 23 years old and two of my lower molars are missing, which were replaced after 6 years (I am in the osseointegration period).
 The problem is that with time, the upper molars have egressed and I now have to find a solution.

Computer-assisted simulation of treatment with QuickCeph Studio™

Simulation of orthosurgery treatment with the QuickCeph Studio™ software.

Can lower jaw growth be stimulated?

Hello, my 5-year-old son’s dentist advises me to consult an orthodontist because according to her, he has a Class II malocclusion (very small chin). She believes that his chin has stopped growing after he got hit on the jaw. When he closes his mouth, molars on molars, we can see his upper deciduous teeth covering […]

Child with hypoplasia of the processus condylaris and caput mandibulae on the left

Fracture condylienne, hypoplasie du condyle mandibulaire et asymétrie faciale Condylar fracture, hypoplasia of the mandibular condyle and facial asymmetry Dear Dr Sylvain Chamberland, My name is N. P. and I am a medical oncologist from Russia.My friend from Boehringer Ingelheim who is collaborating with Prof.Eikelboom recommended you as a great specialist on the problem.I was […]

Same number of teeth on each side


Hello, I have a Class II malocclusion. Younger, I got an upper left premolar and a lower left premolar removed. They suggest to me, as a treatment, to get the two corresponding right premolars removed. And as I do not want any surgery, they suggest to me to reopen the space of the lower left […]

Impacted canines and root resorption of the incisors

Hello Dr Chamberland, My 12-year-old daughter Lorène has both impacted upper canines. After consulting an orthodontist, she recommended the removal of both deciduous canines to make room for them to erupt but they did not come out. The treatment started a few years ago already. They first tried to make room for the canines with […]

Odontomas: obstacle to the eruption of a permanent canine

Dear doctor Chamberland, I saw your article on the mechanotherapy of impacted canines, I really liked it, but my problem is a little more complicated, and I’m afraid to lose my canine that I have never seen. I had two odontomas removed which were an obstacle to the canine, and I waited 6 months for […]

Accelerated treatment / less expensive braces

Question from Miss Forgues:   Hello Dr Chamberland   I would like to have your opinion on white braces. I read on the site http://dentsdroites.com/adults/en/treatment_options.html that these offered an accelerated treatment and that they were also less expensive…………… If you have the time to look at what this site talks about: first paragraph A- Accelerated […]

Invisalign® and neuromuscular dentistry: total failure

Hello Dr Chamberland, One year ago, I underwent an Invisalign® treatment with my dentist (and not orthodontist) which resulted in a total failure with regard to my occlusion. The problem being quite severe (source of pain in the cervical vertebrae, jaw and ears), I consulted an orthodontist who proposed to me to start the Invisalign® […]

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  1. Natalia Azrikan says:

    Hello Dr Chamberland, thank you so much for your work and for education of patients around the world, My son just tuned 19 this week, he has impacted canines, the doctor recommended removal right the way which absolutely terrifies me, I was hoping if you can evaluate his x-ray to give as a hope it’s not to late to start treatment and save the teeth or a least one, thank you so much I’ll be happy to send X ray if it’s possible. thank you so much

    1. At 19, prognosis of forced eruption is favourable. I would likely try to pull it unless it is very deep in the mandible. You may send the xray via my professional FB page.

    2. At 19, prognosis of forced eruption is favourable. I would likely try to pull it unless it is very deep in the mandible.

      It could be a good solution to remove the canine if the space is close. 2 condition are require: cl II dental relationship of Cl I + crowding in the lower arch that would justify 2 lower premolar extraction.

      However, I would definitely try to pull the canine orthodontically first. Then reassess later. I hope that help.

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