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Lack of space for canines


My daughter is 9 years old and only 2 deciduous teeth are still present in the lower jaw. However, in the upper jaw, 1 canine on each side are blocked and do not have much space.

Do we need to extract them for them to erupt?

Thank you


Usually, the shedding of primary teeth in both jaws is coordinated.

Generally, the order in which primary teeth exfoliate or in which permanent teeth erupt is the following:

1- Lower central incisors

2- Upper central incisors

3- Lower lateral incisors

4- Upper lateral incisors

5- Lower canines

6- Lower first premolars

7- Upper first premolars

8- Upper second premolars

9- Upper canines

10- Lower second premolars

The order in which teeth erupt is however more variable from item 6 to 10 and not all individuals are similar. Consult the dental age page. You will find a more detailed Keynote.

At 9 years of age, girls sometimes show a more advanced dental age and only the exfoliation of primary canines remains. I cannot make any recommendation regarding extraction without having seen any X-ray beforehand and without having seen your daughter in consultation.

I recommend that you consult an orthodontist.

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