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Who is Dr Sylvain Chamberland?

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  1. Timothy Foley says:

    Bonjour Dr Chamberland.
    My name is Tim Foley, orthodontist in London Ontario. I wish my Francais was as good as your Anglaise. Excellent presentation yesterday online with the Glasgow Academy. Well done, made me proud to be a Canadien. I believe our residents at Western would benefit from your information. I hope that they were online.
    Merci beaucoup et bonne journee
    Tim Foley

    1. Merci Dr Foley for your kind words.
      I went at Western for a lecture in 2018. My friend Marck Pus was attending the seminar. It was the year the Mustang competed against the Rouge et or for the Vanier cup.
      Having said that I am available for a zoom lecture to your graduate student. By the way, I will do a lecture about MARPE in june for the graduate student of University of Missouri, Kansas city. The graduate student of U. Mtl asked to attend. You are welcome. If so, I will tell to Dr Jean-Marc Retrouvey that you are interested. The date is to be confirmed. It will be likely June 11 or 18.

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