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Fixed appliance management of Class II malocclusion

Class II correction devices are commonly used in orthodontics and exist in many declensions.

Literature reviews show that such devices do not appear to cause any significant changes in mandibular length and their effectiveness in correcting Class II malocclusion can be explained by a combination of some skeletal (mainly maxillary) and dentoalveolar (maxillary and mandibular) modifications.

SUS2 corrector

The SUS2 corrector device will be presented using bondable headgear tube and self-ligating mandibular molar tubes.

A case presentation will be used to explain how to use the SUS2 device successfully.


Here is the Keynote.


CAO-ACO 2014-Dr Chamberland orthodontist in Quebec City.

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  1. Anika says:


    Is it possible to fix bimaxillary protrusion with appliances? I’ve had jaw surgery as a teen, and braces. I’m very happy with my teeth. I just am self conscious about my protruding mouth. Thank you!

    1. May be there would be indication of extraction of 4 premolars. it is hard to tell without any relevant clinical information and xray.

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